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Bestbeth is a coin that everyone everywhere will be willing to have in few days, months and years to come. You can buy your Raptcoin token with Bitcoin, etherum, waves, dollars, pounds etc. Raptcoin is tradable in DEX immediately you get your token and will be listed in other exchanges in the future.

Bestbeth coin is a coin built on brightcoin platform because of the flexibility of the block chain . With the current backers and those that will still back it, we believe that Bestbest is going places, for your information it is backed by over 5 corporate organizations in five continents. It is time you purchase your own at the current price of $0.5/token. What the topic of discussion is now especially in the USA is when will Bestcoin token be out for sale. Keep tuned to this website and obtain yours at low price because the price will increase as ICO progresses. Raptcoin has come to stay not only because of the team and backers behind it but also because it is the future of cryptocurrency. If you are one of those doubting cryptocurrency, change your mind especially now that even different countries’ apex banks are trying to create their own cryptocurrencies. This tell you its future of cryptocurrency is bright.